What is ADHD?

ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a neurological condition, often times creating challenges for individuals beyond lack of focus — challenges such as lack of organization, time management, decision making and emotional regulation. Although there is no “cure” for ADHD, many of the symptoms and challenges can be managed with proper treatment and support, including coaching.

How can ADHD coaching help?

A Certified ADHD Coach, Jo Futerman has extensive knowledge & understanding of ADHD, its traits and symptoms.  Jo understands that the challenges often go beyond lack of focus and organization, but impact self-esteem and self-confidence, leaving the individual with feelings of frustration and helplessness. As a Certified ADHD Coach, Jo is also aware of the many gifts and unique talents associated with this brain type.  In her coaching, Jo uses a strengths-based approach and a mindfulness practice, educating and empowering her clients to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.


Why Jo Futerman?

Founder, JMF Coaching

Experienced Certified ADHD & Life Coach

Certified by (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the governing body of the coaching profession, and the ADD Coach Academy (ACG & AACC), the only comprehensive ADHD coach training program accredited by the ICF.

Very effective strategies & necessary tools

Together we will work to empower the client with the knowledge, tools and strategies necessary to overcome the challenges in their day to day life, and ultimately achieve their goals, and live a more positive life.

Excellent results received by my clients through our Coaching!

My clients achieve amazing outcomes through our coaching. I believe that we all have our unique strengths and talents.  I also believe that the power to create and live our purpose, lies within each of us.

Your ADHD & Life Coach

Jo Futerman
Jo Futerman
Register for Group Coaching for Adults with ADHD!
Six (6) Weekly sessions, 75 minutes per session, with Jo Futerman, Life Coach specializing in ADHD.
Limited Spaces: 6 per session.
Women's Morning Group and Adult Evening Groups starting in February.
JMF Coaching Services for Adults with ADHD
Professional Life Coaching specializing in ADHD
1- Individual ADHD Coaching

I offer one-on-one Individual ADHD Coaching, to individuals who are looking to understand their ADHD and work together to make the changes necessary to lead a more productive and rewarding life.

2- Group ADHD Coaching

I offer Group Coaching sessions for adults who are looking to understand ADHD and work through challenges with like minded adults.  With the guidance and support of a Certified ADHD Coach, the connection, support and trust created in group coaching can be transformative!

3- Family ADHD Coaching

I offer ADHD Coaching sessions for families impacted by ADHD.  We work together to make the changes necessary to create more calm in your home and around your family.

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