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I am a Certified Life & ADHD Coach.  My office is located in Roslyn Heights, New York.  I am available in person, as well as through skype or telephone, so distance or location is not an obstacle.  In addition to personal Life Coaching, I coach adults dealing with the challenges often associated with adhd.  Through my Educate, Embrace and Empower approachI work with adults who are motivated to move forward with positive change. Together we will work to empower the client with the knowledge, tools and strategies necessary to overcome the challenges that get in the way, and ultimately achieve their goals, reach their potential and purpose, and live a more positive life.

Individual & Group Coaching –  I offer one-on-one, as well as group coaching to individuals who are motivated to understand their adhd and work together to make the changes necessary to lead a more productive and rewarding life.  Our objective is to put in place a system to manage the challenges of your adhd — challenges such as poor time management, disorganization, negative self-talk and feelings of overwhelm.  As a Certified ADHD Coach, I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of adhd and its traits and symptoms.  My goal is to empower my clients with this knowledge and understanding so that they can move forward to the life they desire.

Family Coaching – As a parent of a child with adhd, I understand the frustration and challenges parents often face in dealing with their child’s adhd.  I work to educate the family with the knowledge and understanding of adhd, so that they can support their child in a pro-active way and provide the tools and strategies needed to help better manage their adhd.  My goal is to help families establish a more peaceful and positive environment.

If you would like more information about my coaching services, please contact me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.  I can be reached at (516) 236-6964, or email:

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