2- Group ADHD Coaching


I offer Group Coaching sessions for adults who are looking to work through challenges with like minded adults.  With the guidance and support of a Certified ADHD Coach, the connection, support and trust created in group coaching can be transformative!

Through weekly meetings, groups work together to support each other through challenges often associated with ADHD. Working together in a judgment-free environment, the group creates motivation and inspiration, a structure to set goals, the strategies necessary to achieve them, and accountability when needed.

Each group is limited to 6 adults who share similar challenges, are committed to the coaching process, and are willing to do the work necessary to make positive changes.

Groups meet once a week for 90 minutes.  Sessions run for 6 weeks.  Each week we explore different topics, take a careful look at how they impact your day to day living, and discuss tools and strategies that you can use.  There is also an open discussion and exchange of thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc.

WEEK 1 – MANIFESTING MINDFULNESS – We will discuss what mindfulness is, and the importance of a mindfulness practice in your life.

WEEK 2 – PRODUCTIVITY – We will discuss how to be more productive, the role that energy plays in productivity (did you know there are 4 different types of energy involved?), look at what might be getting in the way of productivity, and explore strategies for getting things done.

WEEK 3 – CREATING MORE CALM, LESS STRESS – We will look at what stress is, how we create it, the impact it has on our life, and discuss ways to manage it and create more calm.

WEEK 4 – DAILY SELF-CARE PRACTICES – We will discuss the important role self-care plays in your life, and ways to take a little time each day for yourself.  No, it’s not selfish — it’s necessary!  It’s why the airlines tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others!  So is true in life!  As the saying goes — you can’t draw water from an empty well.  We will talk about ways to replenish the well!

WEEK 5 – SETTING BOUNDARIES – We will discuss what it means to have boundaries, and how to implement them in your life and your relationships.

WEEK 6 – RECAP/REVIEW – We will review the discussions of the last 5 sessions — the successes, and the challenges.

Group coaching is available both in person and on line.  For more information, schedule a free consultation today!  Or register for an upcoming group coaching session!

Individual ADHD Coaching
Need to talk to someone who understands your ADHD and its impact on you and your life? Someone who knows what you are going through?
Group ADHD Coaching
Interested in joining a small group of adults struggling with the challenges of ADHD? For more information, book your free consultation today!
Family ADHD Coaching
Is ADHD creating conflict in your family? For more information on how ADHD Coaching can help create more calm, schedule a complimentary consultation today!

For more information about my ADHD coaching services, simply schedule a complimentary phone consultation by choosing Date and Time on the calendar below! Alternatively, I can be reached at (516) 236-6964, or email:   jo@jmfcoaching.com

Benefits of Group ADHD Coaching

 Educate, Embrace, Empower

  • Obtain a better knowledge and understanding of ADHD
  • Be a part of a group of like minded adults sharing similar challenges
  • Exchange ideas, information and strategies in a judgment-free environment
  • Break through roadblocks and patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Inspire and be inspired!
  • Motivate and be motivated!
  • Support and be supported!
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and Create more calm in your life!
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Six (6) Weekly sessions, 90 minutes per session with Jo Futerman, Certified Life Coach specializing in ADHD
Small groups limited to 6 per session
Morning Women's Group and Evening Adult Groups starting soon!