1- Individual Coaching

Individual ADHD Coaching

I offer one-on-one Individual Coaching, to individuals who are looking to understand their ADHD and work together to make the changes necessary to lead a more productive and rewarding life.

Not diagnosed with ADHD, but have challenges often associated with this brain type? We work together toward a better understanding of self, and more importantly, your strengths, your gifts and your talents, and develop strategies using those strengths to overcome your challenges.

My objective is to help you create a more peaceful, joyful and rewarding life and to overcome your challenges and blocks that get in the way! We’ll work together to create more balance and calm in your life.

As a Certified ADHD Coach, I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of ADHD and its traits and symptoms.  My goal is to Educate and explore with my clients a better understanding and deeper awareness of self, enable them to utilize and Embrace their many strengths and talents,  and Empower them with the tools, knowledge and strategies to move forward to the life they desire.

Benefits of individual ADHD Coaching

 Educate, Embrace, Empower

  • Obtain a better knowledge of ADHD
  • Create a deeper awareness and understanding of self, and the impact of one’s ADHD
  • Explore one’s strengths & talents and utilize a strengths-based approach to overcome challenges
  • Manage feelings of overwhelm
  • Establish a practice of mindfulness that will help the client change patterns and behaviors that no longer benefit the client
  • Help break through roadblocks that are keeping the client “stuck”
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and Create more calm in your life


Stop the cycle of “self butt-kicking”  — it’s gone on long enough, and so far, hasn’t done a thing to move you forward!  It only serves to hold you back from reaching your true potential and purpose, and living the life you not only desire, but truly deserve!

For more information about my ADHD coaching services, simply schedule a complimentary phone consultation by choosing Date and Time on the calendar below! Alternatively, I can be reached at (516) 236-6964, or email:   jo@jmfcoaching.com

Individual Coaching
Need to talk to someone who understands your ADHD and its impact on you and your life? Someone who knows what you are going through?
Group Coaching
Interested in joining a small group of like-minded adults? For more information, book your free consultation today!
Family Coaching
Is ADHD creating conflict in your family? For more information on how ADHD Coaching can help create more calm, schedule a complimentary consultation today!


Simply BOOK your 30 minute COMPLIMENTARY Consultation for ADHD Coaching with Jo Futerman, Certified ADHD & Life Coach and voted Long Island's Best Life Coach for 2015! By choosing the Date and Time from the calendar below: (Choose a day and time for a phone consultation. If you prefer, you can contact Jo at: (516) 236-6964 or Email: jo@jmfcoaching.com)

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