Hi, I'm Jo Futerman

Life Coach, ADHD Specialist, Meditation Teacher

Do you procrastinate and sometimes struggle to get started? Do distractions lead to tasks left unfinished? Do you find yourself feeling frustrated and at times, defeated? Life doesn’t have to be that hard. I am passionate about helping you live a happier, calmer, and more productive life.


A program I've created for you ~ creating Balance, Focus and Productivity with ADHD

Does this sound familiar?  

You have difficulty starting projects, or you start them but don’t finish. Simple things are often a struggle to get done. You promise yourself that tomorrow’s going to be a better day, but find that you’re repeating the same cycle, all over again. 

Life with ADHD doesn’t have to be that hard! I can help.

Call Jo 516-236-6964 for more information. Let's talk and see if this is a good fit for you.