5 Things to Stop Saying (if you want to feel better)

  1. I’m having a bad day. There are no bad days, only bad moments. If you woke up, and you’re breathing, then there’s more good in your day than bad!
  2. I can’t.  Be mindful when saying “I can’t.” Is it that you can’t, or you don’t want to? “Can’t” means that it is NOT POSSIBLE.
  3. I should. Replace “should” with “want” because it is likely that you do want whatever it is you believe you should be doing. “I should go to the dentist.” Well, I definitely want to keep the teeth that are in my mouth, so yes, I do want to go to the dentist so that I can keep them! And wanting something is far more motivating than being forced to do it.
  4. I’ll try. When someone says, “I’m going to try…” I often ask, “Define ‘try’. There’s either you do or you don’t. You can’t try. If you’re trying something, it is likely that you are doing it. Try is just a safety net we use — a loop hole. “Well, at least I tried.” No, you didn’t try, you did. And if it didn’t work out, now you know you need to do it differently!
  5. Life’s a bitch. While life certainly has its challenges, never lose sight of the fact that it is also a gift. Each day is a gift. Remember, there is no “bad day”… (see #1 above!)  Each day brings something to be thankful for!

Our words have power!