Is it true that people do the best that they can?

Is it true that people do the best that they can? Well, I believe it is. Now, before you hit delete, hear me out. Our actions are merely a byproduct of our thoughts, our emotions, our level of energy. Yes, we are certainly capable of, and can change our actions, but we first have to make a shift in how we think. So, when someone says (and yes, I’ve heard this countless times in response to my “they’re doing the best they can”), “But what about the person sitting on the couch, watching tv, Continue reading

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Just for Today, I will listen to Paul McCartney

There may not be an answer, but I will listen   This morning I had a rather aggravating “encounter” (let’s call it). I had done a meditation earlier in the morning on letting go, and was really working on releasing any tension and negative thoughts that I had. Going into the meditation, I was ruminating about a situation that was really bothering me. So doing this Letting Go meditation was definitely what I needed. When I finished, I really felt so much more relaxed and at ease than I had when I Continue reading

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When you’re tired of being tired,….

When you’re tired of being tired, that’s when change can happen! Change is never easy.  And often times, overwhelming.  Days spent trying to keep up, but feeling like a hamster on a wheel. And then night time comes, and instead of sleeping, you’re laying in bed ruminating about everything that you planned on getting done, but somehow didn’t!  You get up in the morning, only to start all over again, feeling exhausted. Too much stress! Something’s got to give, but you’re not sure where to begin. You’re tired of being tired. Take Continue reading

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