Something to think about…

Much of coaching is about setting goals or intentions. The client often enters the coaching with some sort of an agenda. They are looking for something that they currently don’t have, or perhaps seeking change. I describe it as “you’re at point A and you want to be at point B” (your goal), but there’s ‘stuff’ that’s in the way, blocks preventing you from getting there.
Maybe you’re just not sure how to get there. Whatever it is, something is holding you back.
The first question I ask is “Who are you?” And then, “Who do you need to be in order to get there?” 
Most of us want strategies. We read a lot of articles that give us tools and strategies for change. “I just need to use these strategies to get there!” Yes, you probably do! But more important than strategies, you want to be clear about WHO you are and who you want to be in order to get what you want!
For example, a goal might be to have a better relationship with your partner. In order to have a good relationship, who do you want to be in that relationship? Are you being that person?
Once I’m clear about who I should be in order to have the good relationship, then I can align my actions to support being that person. I can look at how I’m showing up in the relationship, and ask myself “Are my actions in alignment with my intention of who I want to be?”
So, just for today, ask yourself: Who am I? Who do I want to be?” 

Then be that person!

Peace and Love,