I am so grateful for the amazing clients I’ve worked with! I greatly appreciate their kind words!

“Jo Futerman is an inspiration. I found her passion for understanding my personal & professional goals outstanding. Jo is a catalyst for breaking old habits and manifesting your vision into reality. I recommend Jo to anyone who is looking to create change in their lives. Thank you Jo!!”

“Thank you so much for helping me get through the school year.  Looking back at it, compared to the year before, it was amazing.  I really don’t have words strong enough to express my gratitude.”

“Jo has a true gift for bringing out the best in people, a really keen insight of what capabilities an individual might possess.”

“I met Jo 8 years ago and she became such a big part of my life! What a great person and friend, always was there for me! She’s been my Life Coach for the past 8 years (even before she was certified) and will continue to be my coach for years to come! This is her true calling!”

“With Jo’s coaching, I was finally able to break through the mental clutter and design a practical Big Block type schedule that allowed my natural tendency toward a low structure lifestyle fit with my need for some structure in order to accomplish what needed to be done. I’ve stuck with the plan for several months now, avoiding over commitment and really enjoying my valued “Me” time without guilt. Thanks Jo!”

“You’ve done a fabulous job…Your clients are so blessed if you become a part of their lives. This is truly your calling.”

“My relationship with Jo has been wonderful and enormously beneficial. She is a terrific listener and wonderful support system. Her knowledge and understanding of ADHD is truly invaluable and a gift to those she coaches.”

“I recommend Jo to my closest friends and family. Jo’s coaching was the catalyst that moved me forward and I know she will do the same for you.”

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for [my son]… You’ve been a wonderful help… I’ve noticed a big change in Family Coaching.”

“Thank you for your wonderful time that you spent coaching me….I was able to really do some good work and get through some difficult things in a simplified manner. Just breaking things down helps so much….You are awesome and I am so thankful.”